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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Puppy Info

Puggle Puppies are $485
All have 1st shots and have been wormed.
Please email us at valleymillpuggles@gmail.com
or call us at 443-910-2571

**Reserve a pup now as they will sell out quickly. **
**First deposits received will get first pick of male or females at 6 weeks of age**
**A $50 deposit is required to reserve a pup.**
**These are the best first generation pups from our own AKC champion Bloodline Beagles. **
**Call or email us for more info**
Updated 6/2/2015



Sunday, February 5, 2012


Frequently Asked Questions
How much are each puggle?
Each Puggle Puppy is $485.
What forms of payment do you take?
We take cash and money orders.
What is a true Puggle?
A true Puggle is classified as a result of a Female Beagle and a Male Pug. Beware of imitation puggles (the offspring of a male and female puggle) for they are altogether different.
Will my Puggle have their shots?
Yes, all Puggles have their first shots and are wormed.

Puggle Info

Puggle is a type of domestic dog, a cross breed resulting from the mating of a Beagle female with a Pug male.
Puggles tend to be between 15–35 pounds and stand 10–15 inches at the shoulders. They are classified as a lap dog because of their relatively small size and demeanour. While colors vary, the vast majority are fawn colored. There are also completely black as well as multicolored (like mixes of black and brown) Puggles.
There are a number of advantages for the mixed breed Puggle. For instance, while Pugs tend to have pushed in faces, Puggles may not. This reduces the risk of the respiratory problems that are associated with Pugs. In addition, the short face of Pugs causes them to snort, wheeze, and snore, auditory issues that are less apparent in the longer-snouted Puggles.



About Us

Valley Mill Beagles & Puggles is owned and operated by George & Linda Woods of Jarrettsville, MD.
George has been involved with the breeding and raising of beagles for more than 50 years, producing 100's of litters. In that time, he has produced 10 field champions and prides himself on the love and care he gives to all of his dogs. He has successfully transitioned into breeding puggles and has produced numerous, healthy litters over the last few years.

Please email us at valleymillpuggles@gmail.com
or call us at 443-910-2571

We are located in Harford County, Maryland